KRHyper News

22 Apr 2005

New command print_compiled_rules.

Bugfixes: run/1, show_predicates/0 with multiple indexes.

21 Feb 2005

Added append/3 builtin.

Bugfix in ordset builtins.

Modified the preprocessing scripts, and the behavior (bug?) of SWI-Prolog to print binary operators with priority >= 1000 always in brackets is now circumvented. In all three scripts #/1 is now declared as operator.

16 Aug 2004

Added load_shell_output command

New Option -init=Initfile to

17 May 2004

Changes in the implementation of some preprocessing scrips, can now be piped, e.g. "$ myfile.tme |"

Bugfix: "attached_disjunction" was printed also when show_derived_literals was false.

07 Apr 2004

New format for show_derived_literals output.

02 Apr 2004

Added #(exit) command.

Better version identification in welcome message and Manual.txt.

01 Apr 2004

Bugfix (negative literals in proof terms).

KRHyper works under Windows.

14 Oct 2003

Introduced a formatting control for output buffer flushing. This may be of use in interactions with other programs when the terminal mode is switched off.

'false' can now appear as a clause to express the empty clause.

10 Oct 2003

Switched to the new stable OCaml version 3.07. KRHyper compiles and works apparently without any changes.

3 Sep 2003

Improved the performance evaluation pages. Added the July 03 slides.

4 Aug 2003

Changed input syntax of onto_file and time commands. Like do_models they now take a list of statements. The old syntax is still supported, with a warning message.

Support for formatting sequences by write/1: the number of the current model can be printed.

25 July 2003

Bugfix in (bug was introduced with the new -rr option).

17 July 2003

New option ``-rr'' to to ensure/generate range restricted clauses.

14 July 2003

Moved the KRHyper pages from our intranet to the Internet.

7 July 2003

Added show_stratification command.

13 June 2003

Added not(Atom) as alternate syntax for \+(Atom), since one of the client scripts has difficulties with the backslash.

10 June 2003

New commands: do_models/1 and write/1.

Fixed interplay of level cut and negation as failure: No level cut is applied at a node whose proof involves stratified negation as failure or findall.

27 May 2003

New variant of stratified negation as failure: not_subsumed.

Changed declaration of subgoal ordering, new ordering available that preserves input orderings except for delta predicates (useful for e.g. magic sets transformation).

23 May 2003

The canonicalization filter now handles ctrl-c properly, making KRHyper more comfortable to use in Emacs.