Applying Deduction Systems

BREAKING NEWS: On Tuesday 27 May, 1:15 PM, Room EOO5 there will be a talk by ROBERT KOWALSKI on Computing as Model Generation: Programming in Logic without Logic Programming (More information)

Lecture in Summer Semester 2014
Tuesday 3.DS (11:10-12:40) Room E005
Start: 8 April
The course language is English
Preliminaries: Basic knowledge of propositional and first-order logic. Basic knowledge of Prolog.
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Course Description

We will approach automated deduction systems that follow different paradigms from the view of the application user. The tutorials require experimenting with the introduced systems and presenting solutions.

Discussed topics and systems will be

  1. Programming in logic, formula manipulation, interfacing with XML and RDF (SWI-Prolog)
  2. First-order theorem proving (Hyper [formerly called E-KRHyper], Prover9, E)
  3. Model computation, answer set programming (Hyper, Clingo [clasp/Gringo])
  4. Ontology reasoning (Protege/Hermit)
  5. Reasoning with forms of second-order quantifier elimination: Forgetting, uniform interpolation, projection computation, abduction


[more to be announced]
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