Christoph Wernhard – Computer Science

Research Interests
Logic-Based Knowledge Representation. In particular, expressing knowledge processing operations in semantically founded and integrable ways by means of projection computation (a variant of second-order quantifier elimination).
Current Research Project
The Second-Order Approach and its Application to View-Based Query Processing
Software Systems
Links to the Past
Teaching (at TU Dresden) | The European PhD Program in Computational Logic (EPCL) | Deduktionstreffen 2005 in Koblenz | KRHyper Model Generation and Theorem Proving System | DFG Project MoDeDok: Model Based Deduction (2003-06 at Koblenz University) | BMBF Project In2Math (2001-03 at Koblenz University) | Persist AG – Database and Semantic Web Technology (1999-2001, Teltow) | DFG Project ILF: Integrating Logical Functions (1996-98 at Humboldt-Universitšt, Berlin) | before...

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